We are excited to announce the following Elly Award nominees.

We are so excited to announce the following Elly Awards nominees:  A Christmas Story the Musical: Director: Brenda Lindley Costume Design: Diane Palmer Set Design: Karen & Peter Wolf Alice Adventures in Wonderland: Supporting Female: Kathleen Mini Imagination Theater: Production of Script Script: Peter and Sarah Wolf Congratulations!!! 

Fabulous Fundraiser

Friday night, August 4th, Imagination Theater hosted it's 10th annual “An Evening to Remember” at Imagination Theater, in the El Dorado County Fairgrounds.  The event featured costumed actors, entertainment, a preview of upcoming shows, Southfork Confessions and Shrek, and audition and show information for Grapes of Wrath in 2018.  The event also featured a silent … Continue reading Fabulous Fundraiser

Production Team – SOUTHFORK

Take some time and get to know the production team of SOUTHFORK Confessions! Director & Co-Author - Chrissie Addison Assistant Director - Caitlyn Miller Composer/Vocal Director - Betsy Moore Dramaturg - Jo Avery Choreographer - Afton Parker Props Mistress - Adeline Penn Graphic Design  - Brenda Lindley Lighting Design - Sean Conley-Widing Master Carpenter/Assistant Set … Continue reading Production Team – SOUTHFORK