“Love Letters” Dave Zarka

Dave Zarka plays the role of Andrew, February 9th – 17th


IT: Why are you excited to have been selected to perform in A.R. Gurney’s  “Love Letters”?

DZ: For one thing, it gives me an opportunity to present in a celebrated “reader’s theater” piece a character who has been portrayed by actors the likes of Brian Dennehy, William Hurt, and Christopher Walken, to name a few.  More importantly, it gives me the another chance to collaborate with the wonderful Maggie Bush, who is passionately committed to directing and exhibiting this play.

IT: You have two leading ladies, Kate Hammontree Barba (2/9 & 2/10) and Alisyn Gularte (2/16 & 2/17).

DZ: Yes, I am paired again with Kate Barba, with whom I had the pleasure of playing Bert to her phenomenally-performed title role in I.T.’s “Mary Poppins”; and I am given a first-time chance to share the stage with Alisyn Gularte.  Kate and Alisyn are both lovely and talented women, who, by injecting their unique personalities and vitalities to the role of Melissa Gardner, challenge me to equal their levels of craft in bringing life to Andrew Makepeace Ladd III.

Perfectly timed for the weekends before and after Valentine’s Day, our performances of “Love Letters” in an intimate dinner theater setting at Smith Flat House in Placerville afford the audience a chance to experience the sometimes comic, sometimes tragic, story between two uncommon life-long lovers.

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